Why the Crafty Vaporizer is Among the Top Rated Vaporizers Today

Are you shopping for top rated vaporizers for home use?

With the retail vape industry growing at a record-breaking pace, it has become harder to pin down the best vaporizer on the market.

In fact listing down the top 10 vaporizers is also difficult due to the intense competition among companies that manufacture vaporizers.

Indeed, gone are the days when you would have to hide in your room to enjoy the rich flavor of marijuana.

Slowly but surely, the public’s perception on the use of weed is changing. In the United States, at least 23 states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Changing Perceptions

Part of the shift in the public’s perception on weed use may be due to the booming 1a45ab99aa457bbe3b3bb675c9d39002vaporizer industry.

Vaporizers are being marketed by its manufacturers as an effective means for smoking cessation.

While there is debate on whether these claims are true or not, it cannot be denied that the way vaporizers are being marketed has stirred public interest on the products leading to more sales in the process.

While vaporizers are not as handy as e-cigarettes, there is a certain appeal that these devices have. According to smokers, vaporizers can provide a throat hit similar to smoking which many vapes would still want to experience.

Plus, vaporizers have refillable cartridges which are cheaper to use and pack more battery power compared to their smaller counterparts.

Volcano Vaporizers

One of the more reputable companies that manufacture vaporizers is Storz and Bickel, a German-based company which also has an office in Oakland, California. This firm produces Volcano vaporizers, which are more expensive than most vapes but are of better design quality compared to their cheaper counterparts.

Volcano Vaporizers usually come with a three year warranty. These products are also certified by ISO quality manufacturing standards and crafted with heat resistant materials.

Two Volcano Vaporizers—the Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit—are well-recommended by experts. But there’s another vaporizer from Storz and Bickel that is slowly getting raves from users, and may just become the best rated vaporizer from the company in the future— the Crafty Vaporizer.

What Is the Crafty Vaporizer?

The Crafty Vaporizer is the smallest vaporizer from Storz and Bickel. It is smaller compared to its cousins the Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital, which are both desktop vaporizers. In fact, it is small enough to fit in your pockets.

The vaporizer measures 4.3 inches in height, 2.2 inches in length and 1.3 inches in width.

True to the reputation of Storz and Bickel, the vaporizer feels very much well made. Its outer case is made of rigid plastic that does not feel cheap to touch, and it is ergonomically designed to boot. The vape weighs a pretty lightweight 135 grams.

The design of the mouthpiece is interesting, as it can swivel out when you need to use it and go back into a stored position when you are done vaping.


The vape makes use of an internal and rechargeable battery. Although some may frown at the fact that the battery is not user-replaceable, Storz and Bickel makes up for it with its usage time of around 45 minutes. Compared to other portable vaporizers that have an average battery life of 30 minutes, the battery life of Crafty Vaporizer is impressive.

The charger of the Crafty Vaporizer makes use of the standard micro-USB adapter. Thus you can easily purchase additional chargers and store them in your car, office, or room.

The Crafty Vaporizer can also detect a change in temperature, meaning it would automatically shut off when the unit detects inactivity for one minute. This is a nice energy saving feature as there is no need to press the power button.

The Crafty Vaporizer will vibrate to tell you that it is about to shut off due to inactivity, aside from blinking LED lights. This feature is far better than most portable vaporizers which don’t have a vibrating alert.

Perhaps its mBiodieselost intriguing feature is the inclusion of a smartphone app.  The app, which is available for both the Apple and Android devices, lets you connect your vape to through Bluetooth. In turn, you can control the vape using the app.

For instance, you can change the brightness of the LED lights, or you can view the temperature of the heating chamber in real time.  The smartphone app is really a great feature that makes the Crafty Vaporizer the best vape for the money.

Of course, you may wonder about the performance and vapor emitted by this device.

The herb chamber of the vaporizer has a capacity of 0.3 grams, depending on the grinding of the plant material. It is easy to load the chamber with a filling tool that is attached to the top of the chamber. With the filling tool, you can neatly pack the herb chamber with marijuana or any other herb for that matter.

Unlike other vaporizers, it would only take 90 seconds or about a minute and a half for the unit to heart up. It has two temperature settings—boost mode and normal.

In normal mode, the vaporizer can heat from 180 degrees Celsius to 195 degrees Celsius. By tapping boost mode, you can make the vape heat up to high temperature.

With a fully packed chamber, this unit can allow up to 12 draws per session. If you like smaller pulls, you might even stretch that number to 20.

In terms of price, the Crafty Vaporizer is reasonably priced at around $400.  Other quality portable vaporizers start at prices of $500, so you can say that this is a great steal given its impressive features.


The Crafty Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel may just be the best portable vape that you can get for a budget of $400.

It is small and compact enough to fit in your pockets, and its smartphone app feature makes it all the more intriguing for cannabis users.

Expect this vaporizer to join the list of everyone’s top rated vaporizers in the months to come.